Cantilever is a prestigious American magazine renowned for its high-quality content. Focusing on contemporary residential architecture, modular construction, sustainability, and green building, it provides insightful coverage of these subjects along with their human side. The magazine also delves into the captivating realm of celebrity homes, the art of living, and travel. With its dedicated and enthusiastic readership, Cantilever has swiftly ascended to the ranks of the world's finest architectural publications. Its commitment to delivering engaging and informative content has earned it a well-deserved reputation as a leading source in the industry.


The overall style of Cantilever magazine embraces an innovative, modern, and minimalist aesthetic. The selection of fonts leans towards a modern and elegant temperament, enhancing the visual appeal of the content. Within the magazine's pages, the use of grit as a divider provides a clean and modular structure, allowing for clearer organization of the content. The incorporation of various grid systems and the deliberate arrangement of images and text in irregular patterns add a dynamic and visually engaging element. Accent colors are strategically utilized to create contrast, drawing attention to key elements and further highlighting the magazine's innovative and minimalist character.

Project Type

Logo Design / Page Layout


Spring 2023


Innovative / Minimalism / Modern


Bradford Prairie


North Carossela, an elegant and tasteful sans serif typeface, perfectly aligns with the essence of the magazine. The intricate details of the font have been carefully modified to accentuate and amplify the unique atmosphere that the magazine embodies. This attention to detail ensures that the typography harmonizes seamlessly with the overall design, enhancing the visual appeal and adding a touch of sophistication to the reading experience.

Magazine Interior

Magazine interior pages employ grit dividers for clarity and modularity. A mix of grid systems and irregular arrangement of images and text, along with accent colors, create contrast, highlighting the magazine's innovative and minimalist character.

Website & Socials

The website design exudes a minimalist and stylish aesthetic, capturing the essence of the brand. Social media platforms prioritize information distribution and interactive design, fostering a high level of audience engagement and enhancing the overall user experience. This approach increases audience retention and fosters a strong sense of connection with the target audience.