ADventure travel APP



TrailBlaze is a comprehensive app designed for adventure travelers seeking thrilling outdoor experiences. With features such as route planning, activity suggestions, and social integration, it equips users with the necessary tools and resources for planning and enjoying their adventures. The app caters to a target audience of outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy activities like hiking, climbing, water sports, and exploring nature. It also appeals to travelers who have a keen interest in immersing themselves in local culture and traditions.


TrailBlaze prioritizes user experience by placing it at the core of its application design. Through thorough analysis of the target audience's travel habits and preferences, the app incorporates valuable features such as destination guides, activity recommendations, and social integration. The intuitive user interface and easy navigation further enhance the user experience. Additionally, TrailBlaze emphasizes user safety by including rescue and safety features to ensure a secure and worry-free adventure.

Project Type

Logo Design / Website Design


Spring 2023


Adventurous / Dynamic / Social


Bradford Prairie


The TrailBlaze logo creatively combines a flame and location graphic to embody the brand's characteristics. The use of bright orange color symbolizes adventure and a bold spirit. The font choice, Whyte, adds a simple yet powerful touch to the logo. Designed by Gareth Hague, Whyte is a unique and angular serif typeface that exudes a clear and modern aesthetic, aligning perfectly with the overall brand tone.

Personas & Wireframes

The brand's personas are classified based on age, family structure, and exercise intensity to cater to the diverse needs of users. The app's interface design is tailored to enhance the user experience, taking into account the unique characteristics, behaviors, and requirements of each persona. This approach ensures that the app provides a personalized and tailored experience for users, meeting their specific needs and preferences.

Website & Socials

TrrailBlaze's application has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to navigate and find what they are looking for. Visual cues, icons, and clear tabs are considered to guide users through the app. Its core features include travel planning tools, destination guides, travel advice, and social sharing. In addition, it ensures offline functionality and security measures such as rescue are considered.