Since its inception in 1917, Daisy Brand has maintained an unwavering commitment to delivering the finest dairy products to those who truly appreciate exceptional taste. This family-owned business spans five generations, with each one dedicated to the art of crafting fresh sour cream and creamy cottage cheese.Daisy Brand takes pride in offering products that are pure, simple, and undeniably delicious. Their brand essence revolves around providing consumers with a natural and fresh experience, ensuring that every bite is a delightful one.


The redesign of the Daisy brand logo was to highlight the brand's rich history, freshness and the unique attributes of their products. A notable change in the logo is the choice of typeface, which was carefully selected to align more closely with the product attributes. This new font choice allows consumers to better envision and imagine food when they see the logo, creating a stronger connection and appeal. By considering market research data and analyzing competitors, the redesigned Daisy Brand logo ensured that it effectively communicated the brand's heritage, freshness and product quality, ultimately enhancing the brand's image and engaging consumers on a deeper level.

Project Type

Logo Design / Website Design


Fall 2022


Fresh / Natural / Pure


Bradford Prairie & Sean Bacon


The Fineday Two font used in the logo is a clean and lined brush font, exuding a lively and straightforward style. The inclusion of a Daisy flower petal illustration adds a playful element and resonates with the brand name. Furthermore, the new vibrant red color replaces the previous dull red of the old logo. This bold color choice serves to accentuate the freshness of the product and adds a visually appealing element to the overall design.

Brand Guidelines

The rebranded logo design injects fresh vitality into the brand, breathing new life into its visual identity. Alongside the logo, other elements such as the color scheme and font style have also been carefully adjusted in accordance with the brand guidelines. These modifications aim to provide the target audience with a unified and clear understanding of the brand, creating a cohesive and impactful brand experience.

Website & Socials

The new website design has been carefully crafted to enhance the clarity and conciseness of information by adjusting the layout of the web pages. The incorporation of vibrant colors lends a modern and fresh look to the brand, providing the target audience with a visually appealing and engaging experience. The use of vivid colors adds a sense of liveliness and attractiveness, capturing the attention of the target audience and giving the brand a brighter and more contemporary appearance.