Chique is a prestigious luxury jewelry brand celebrated for its exquisite and fashionable designs catering to sophisticated women. The brand specifically targets well-educated, middle-class to upper-middle-class women between the ages of 28 and 48. These individuals have a discerning eye for aesthetics and actively seek out high-end fashion. Known as trendsetters, they prioritize a luxurious lifestyle and constantly push the boundaries of style, continuously setting new fashion trends.


Chique's product offerings are categorized into three distinct style levels: daily matching, wedding and high fashion, and collection. Each style level caters to different customer needs and preferences. To align with the brand's business model, the website architecture is designed to reflect these categories. The homepage prominently displays clear and well-defined buttons, ensuring easy navigation and categorization for visitors. This intuitive layout allows customers to quickly access the desired section and explore the specific products that align with their interests and requirements.

Project Type

Logo Design / Website Design


Spring 2023


Fashion / Minimalism / Luxury


Bradford Prairie


Sage, a contemporary serif font with various styles, embodies a fashionable aesthetic that aligns perfectly with the brand's attributes. It reflects the meticulous craftsmanship and connection to jewelry.  The logo details have been modified to enhance its fashionable and luxurious character. The color palette of ink and light beige has been thoughtfully chosen to accentuate the website's fashion-forward and luxurious qualities. These colors exude sophistication and highlight the brand's personal style, creating an engaging and visually captivating online experience.

Personas & Wireframes

The brand's personas are categorized according to the three styles of the product, segmenting the brand's audience, based on real data and interviews as the basis for speculation. Tapping into each persona's personal characteristics, behaviors, and motivations for purchasing Chique products or services. By aligning the website with the customer journey, Chique aims to provide an exceptional online shopping experience, from product discovery to checkout, enhancing customer satisfaction and engagement.

Website & Socials

The website design reflects the brand's fashion-forward, minimalist, and luxurious characteristics. It focuses on creating a clear and efficient shopping experience for customers, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable browsing and purchasing process. Furthermore, the brand leverages social media to enhance customer engagement and loyalty.